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Our Practice


The Alpine Counseling Center is a comprehensive out-patient mental health center. Our therapists and counselors have many years of experience helping people enhance the quality of their lives. We have eight independently practicing psychologists, clinical mental health counselors, licensed clinical social worker, and a clinical social worker. From among our excellent clinicians, you should be able to find several options for the challenges that you face and with your insurance coverage.

We serve individuals from age 5 and up, couples, and families.

In some cases we can get you in for an initial assessment right away. However, to see a particular therapist there may be a wait for an available time. Please call our friendly front desk for specific information, to schedule an appointment, or for questions. We're here to help you.

Our Therapists

Bonnie Warenski, CMHC


M.C     University of Phoenix, Counseling


B.S.     University of Utah, Exercise & Sports Science


Bonnie works with children, teens, and adults, ages 12 and up.  She previously worked for the Utah Division of Child and Family Services as a sex abuse specialist and has been a presenter of sex abuse, marriage, and dating.  She follows a client focused and balanced/holistic approach to counseling including the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. 


Bonnie is a widow, having lost her husband in an accident.  She is a single mom with an active life.  She loves being in nature.  She also enjoys reading and movies, especially movies with a predictable, happy ending.

Eric Jenkins, LCSW

*Currently NOT accepting new patients-practice full*


MSW   University of Utah, Social Work


B.A.    Brigham Young University, Social Work

Eric has worked with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services giving him great experience with children and adults.  He works with patients age 15 and up in individual, couples, and family therapy.  He believes in a holistic approach to counseling including, social, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual arena.


He is the recipient of several awards including the Child Advocate Award, the Foster Choice Award, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Commissioners Award.  He is a husband, father, and world traveler. 

Erin Davis, ACMHC

M.C     University of Phoenix, Counseling


B.S.     Brigham Young University, Sociology


Erin works with children, teens, and adults, ages 14 and up.  She previously worked for the Utah Division of Child and Family Services with teens moving in and out of the foster care system and worked closely with Jon Covey on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, teaching seminars and classes throughout the country. Since 2009, she has been employed with the Alpine School District as a school counselor, counseling teens in the school setting. She recognizes that therapy can be very intimidating and hopes to bring back the parts of you that feel a little lost but were once full of hope, joy and peace. Her therapeutic style is collaborative and tailored to each of her client’s specific needs whether they are currently going through difficulty or dealing with the aftermath of a big life change. She uses evidence-based modalities to help clients feel empowered. She has a background in Person-Centered therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy.


Erin has been married for over 30 years and has 3 children and 2 dogs.  She loves being in nature and can often be found on her paddle board, riding a bike or hiking the mountains. She also loves traveling the globe. She is always planning her next adventure. 


Brittany Dupaix, LCSW

*Please call for availability*


MSW Brigham Young University


BSW Utah Valley University

Brittany works with children (8+), adolescents, and adults, including those with trauma.  Brittany looks at all aspects of a client’s life; biological, psychological, social, and spiritual.  She approaches therapy as a partnership and works with the client to find solutions.  She has a background in Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, Trauma Focused, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy skills, and Play Therapy.  She has experience in group therapy with such topics as mindfulness, DBT skills, and substance use.


Brittany is married and the mother of three young children. She enjoys baking, crafts, reading, sewing, camping, hiking, and eating sushi.

Marni Robertson, CMHC Intern



Prospective M.C. from Naropa University

Clinical Mental Health Counseling


B.S. Utah Valley University

Behavioral Science


Marni works with teens and adults. She believes everyone has the ability within themselves to heal. Marni supports an exploration of anything emotional or painful that may feel too hard to sort through alone.


Marni specializes in Gestalt therapy. She has a certification in Integrative Somatic Trauma Healing. She has training in Psychotherapy, Person-Centered therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy.


Marni Is a single mother of two young kids. She loves climbing and trail running. She loves having movie discussion nights, a good read over coffee, and spending time with dear friends.


Victoria Anderson, PhD

*Currently NOT accepting new patients-practice full*


Ph.D.   Brigham Young University, Counseling Psychology


M.A.    United States International University, Counseling & Guidance


B.S.     Brigham Young University, Social Work


An experienced counselor, Vicki works with the ages 6 and up, including sexual abuse victims.  She has been a therapist for many years and has also worked in education.  She authored two books on anxiety prevention.  She was a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society and has worked with many committees and community organizations.


As a mother and grandmother, she is full of energy and enjoys traveling, kayaking, biking, hiking, and horses.

A Few Words About THERAPY

Counseling is a process to assist people with problems in their individual, family, or interpersonal living.  Such problems may be recent or may have been building up for some time.  When entering therapy it is helpful to realize that close personal examination of feelings and relationships may be emotionally difficult but it will be helpful.


Therapy, like all learning, takes some time.  You will need to test and practice what you are learning in therapy.  There will be ups and downs but your therapist will do everything they can to help you continue progressing toward your goals. 

A Few Words About DEPRESSION

Depression is a disturbance that affects the mood and overall emotional health of a person's life.  It is more than just the blues or sadness that everyone feels from time to time.  For some, depression comes on suddenly, for others it slowly grows. Depression is based on an individual's brain chemistry. For some, medication may help with this.  For all, thoughts and behaviors can affect brain chemistry.  Counseling can help identify unhealthy thinking and  healthy behaviors.

At it's worst, depression can lead to suicidal thoughts.  If you or someone you know is having recurring suicidal thoughts, don't wait.  Get help now.

A Few Words About ANXIETY

Almost everyone feels nervous or a little anxious at time.  For some, the anxiety can become very troubling, even reaching the level of a panic attack.  Anxiety is based on fear and is regulated by the safety system of the human body.  With cognitive and behavioral change, troubling anxiety can be reduced, even eliminated.  

A Few Words About ADDICTION

Addiction is destructive to individuals and sometimes to families.  Whether it's tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, electronics, shopping, food, or some other addiction, help is available.  The earlier one seeks help the better.

A Few Words About TEENS

Only one hundred years ago most children left school before the age of 15 and in many cases, entered the workforce by their mid-teen years.  The modern era created a new category before adulthood: adolescence.  It's  been tough being a teen and it's not getting any easier.  Teens need people they can talk to, people they can explore with.  Often this can be a parent or family member but sometimes problems are deep enough that a neutral ear is needed.  Our adolescent specialists can be that place of safety for them.


Marriage is a long journey.  It usually begins in fireworks but moves through a variety of stages and challenges over time.  Communication can be hard.  Raising children can be stressful.  Finances often create pressure.  When in a relationship we must constantly pay attention to nurturing and growing the relationship.  Our couples counselors can help you improve communication and nurture, even repair your relationship.   Don't wait too long.

A Few Words About STRESS

Everybody has it.  Everybody feels it.  At least now and then.  Having some stress isn't bad, it helps keep us going.  But having excessive stress for longer periods of time is very harmful to both our emotional state and our physical health.  Some studies have suggested that well over 50% of physical illness and doctor visits are stress related. Whether it's the job, the family, the finances, the traffic, the weather, or whatever, it is important to keep stress at a healthy level.

Therapy can help you learn relaxation techniques and coping skill to help you manage stress.  Even more importantly you can learn how to reduce stress so that you're not constantly having to manage it.

If you're finding yourself frequently on edge, often fatigued, or frequently ill, these are signs that it's time to get some help and make some healthy changes.

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